Near the end of two days teaching the Personal Branding Boot Camp at UCLA last weekend, I had to break bad news to my students.

“I am afraid you’ve been misled. Seriously.”

The job-seekers, managers, up and coming experts, athletes and others in the group stared back at me. Concern, disappointment, and worry went viral in the room almost instantly, like Dollar Shave Club on YouTube.

During the mid-day break, I’d seen their Facebook pages. I slowly broke bad news to them.

“I saw you’ve been posting status updates. Some of you for years now. So here’s what I know about you. You run out of gas. Have a beige couch with a stain. Think Ayn Rand was an economist. Like kittens. Eat eggs Benedict like cholesterol isn’t a national health crisis. Drink cheap wine. You have a really ugly sister or maybe that was a pinata. You share ironic motivational posters that really aren’t that ironic.”

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