Facebook users who have ever started to typestatus updates or comments and then had second thoughts: You are not alone. According to a study byCarnegie Mellon University PhD Student Sauvik Das and Facebook Data Scientist Adam Kramer, 71 percent of the 3.9 million Facebook users profiled self-censored at least one post or comment over a 17-day period.

Das and Kramer said they determined the number of times users being studied censored their own status updates, posts on friends’ Timelines, or comments, and they detailed their findings in their abstract:

“We report results from an exploratory analysis examining “last-minute” self-censorship, or content that is filtered after being written, on Facebook. We collected data from 3.9 million users over 17 days and associate self-censorship behavior with features describing users, their social graph, and the interactions between them.”

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