It can be difficult to quantify or draw direct correlations between an SEO campaign and the sales it generates. Unlike PPC, where keywords can be tracked from the click all the way to the conversion, SEO tracking isn’t quite as specific. In fact, tracking sales from an SEO campaign can often be difficult to differentiate from other web marketingcampaigns, except through source tracking which can be vague.

Many SEO skeptics and naysayers fill the net with their horror stories or proof as to why you don’t need SEO. Usually, these naysayers are promoting their own non-SEO created wins, much the same as the “junk SEOs” they decry. Yes, anyone can stumble into an SEO win.

But SEO is much bigger than content or links. It’s more than blogging, keyword research or fixing website problems. All of those are things that SEO does, but none of that explains why you need SEO. You may need all those services, but here’s why you need SEO.

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Riaan Aggenbag

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