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Riaan Aggenbag

Riaan Aggenbag

Owner & Founder

We understand your need to harness the power of the web to increase traffic, revenue and ultimately profit.

That’s what we do.

You’ll not only benefit from our years of experience in making brands great but also from our comprehensive range of services that enable us to deliver on your goals.

Our Mission
We aim to give businesses of all sizes the opportunity to harness the power of search engines as a marketing medium. When properly utilized, search engine optimization gives small businesses an opportunity to compete at the same level as larger corporations. It also provides large corporations with the opportunity to increase brand awareness and further solidify their dominance in their industry. Regardless of the size of your company, you can rely on the SEO services provided by our firm to get your company in front of prospective customers at the precise moment when they are looking for your products or services. As an SEO agency, our search engine optimization philosophy is to work rigidly and without compromise within the search engines’ “guidelines and to provide content that is optimized for the best keywords.” We make the necessary adjustments to your company’s website, and get you linked in all the right places, to make the job of finding your website easier. By providing the search engines with quality, relevant content, we deliver long-term results in the form of more traffic and more sales to your website.