When I first started working at an agency providing SEO services for third parties, I was under the impression that all of the sales work was done up front. That is, once a prospect was convinced to become a client, all future discussions would focus on how to get things done and there’d be little time spent selling the merits of the SEO recommendations I provided. It didn’t take long to realize that the sales process at the beginning was, in many ways, easier than the ongoing “sales” an SEO practitioner has to do.

In the past, many of the roadblocks to SEO were put up by the IT team. Not out of spite, of course, but rather because they were being pulled in so many different directions that they had to let something drop or risk failing to get anything done. At the same time, the brand/product folks didn’t really care about the specifics and just wanted assurances that the necessary SEO gaps were being closed.

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Riaan Aggenbag

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