One of the biggest buzz-phrases of the past year or so has undoubtedly been Content Marketing. It’s the perfect piece of jargon: it’s rather vague, could have lots of meanings and is very hard to pin down. It’s also, as an idea, really not that new at all — after all, soap operas were so named because they had soap companies as sponsors and producers.

But, all that notwithstanding, there is a very good reason that the idea of content marketing has gained such traction recently, and that it gives brands a story to tell, and consumers something to share.

Most posts about content marketing tend, I find, to assume that the brand itself will produce the content. Presumably this is because many such posts are aimed at smaller businesses that don’t have the budgets to piggy-back off of professionally produced content and that also have smaller, more flexible teams that can turn their hands to things like making videos.

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