Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The practise of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers.

Here’s what we mean:

Basecamp achieved a 14% increase in conversions by decluttering their home page and leading visitors straight to one option – their plans & pricing


Base camp homepage design - 14% increase in conversions

Gyminee achieved a 20% increase in conversion rates by reducing the number of choices offered to visitors and the amount of text on the page


Gyminee homepage redesign 20 increase in conversion rate

Here’s how we can increase your conversion rate:

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are often the first thing your potential customers will see. We optimized them to make sure your landing page conversion rate numbers significantly increase. We can build landing pages that engage your customers and give them a reason to delve further into the website or complete a transaction.


Metrics analysis helps you understand what’s happening on your website. You can improve your marketing campaign performance only when you understand how well your actions are working already. We look at how visitors get to your site, what pages they see and whether they spend any money, among other things. Conversion optimization begins with knowing what’s already happening.


Analysis of Usability

What do potential customers think of your website? Usability analysis discovers problems with your site’s text, design and layout arrangement. Using the best tools available, we find and eliminate flaws in your site’s usability and eliminate things that stand in the way of sales by improving the structure of your website.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Taking customers from a slight interest to a closed sale is the goal of many websites. Is that what you want? Getting sales from the best qualified customers is important, but in some cases, weeding out ineligible and undesirable customers is just as valuable. If that’s what you need to do, we can do it — based on criteria we help you establish.

Website Optimization/Maintenance

You want your broken links corrected or removed, don’t you? Just as importantly, outdated content needs to be removed or replaced, too. Glitches and leftovers turn off customers. Clearly stated calls to action, simple forms and interactive elements engage them. We help you make sure your website is always working for you and looking its best.

KPI’s & Reporting

Obviously, we want you to stay informed about how we’re helping you. Complete transparency is our goal. In a variety of ways, we show you how our efforts are increasing your conversion rate and ultimately your sales.