With social such a factor for businesses today, it’s easy to overlook the tried and true in search of the new and shiny.  At the last two conferences I’ve attended, it’s a theme that’s surfacing: if we’ve got social, and it drives business, do we need to invest in SEO?

For those reading this blog, and in the industry, the answer might seem obvious, but let’s examine this a bit.

Social has the ability to take a website form launch to IPO at warp speed.  The ability to activate customers to become advocates and spread the good word about your business has never been greater.  And businesses should be using social to do the heavy lifting of engaging with customers and driving awareness and positive growth.
Using social to accomplish growth is not a simple, straight line option, but its proven to work and when you figure out what resonates with your customers, it’s like uncovering the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

So many sites, apps and businesses rely on social alone, as I’ve learned working with startups for the past year plus.  Many of those businesses think of marketing their product in terms of social only.  Their sole focus being to spread the word via Facebook and Twitter to drive awareness of their product.

And with SEO being a bit complex in many site owner’s eyes, it’s tempting to seek a shorter path.

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