When I meet with clients or present at conferences, I am always asked: “How do I rank high on Google for (insert keyword-phrase-du-jour)?” I give the standard answer: “Only the search engineers and Google can tell you and they aren’t talking.”

Inevitably, the questioner looks dejected, mutters a slur on my credentials, and walks away.  I scream silently in my head: “Don’t kill the messenger because we are all hapless Wile E. Coyotes chasing the Larry and Sergey Road Runner with zero chance of catching them, no matter what we order from ACME!”

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Riaan Aggenbag

Owner / Online Marketer / SEO at More Clicks
My passion is guiding companies to online success. My expertise are search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising & social media marketing. How can I help you? Let's talk.