You’ve added Google Authorship markup to your pages. You’ve established your Authorship, which means your photo and a link to your profile can now appear next to your content in search results. This is new ranking factor in 2013.

Google Authorship is an integrated feature of Google+ Social Network.It verifies you as the content author of yourpublished posts over the web.It helps define your overall authority andrelevance in your niche.

It makes your posts stand out in Google’ssearch engine results. Increases the Click Through Rate for yourresults as they are more visual, appealing andentertaining to attract the Click. Protects your authorship to your content incase it is stolen and does not give real authorattribution. In your About page on your Google +profile, add the home page of the website/blogyou have contributed to at the “Contributor to”section (edit it).

At the end of all the posts you havecontributed, include a by “Your Full Name”signature.Link your full name to your Google+ Profile likethis: sure your full name is exactly the same asit is on your G+ profile.

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