Affiliates can be life savers in a company by driving incremental sales on a revenue sharing basis with no risk to the Merchant.  However, they can also be the biggest poachers of sales that other channels brought in, or from customers who were already on your site and shopping.  It all depends on how well your program is managed and if your Manager knows about attribution, adware, coupon sites poaching your cart with SEO and if you outsource to a network or OPM firm, whose best interest they have in mind.  If the person or company managing your Affiliate Program is a solid and ethical Manager, then your other departments don’t have to worry.  If they are like many of the programs I come across, chances are you have sales that you earned through SEO and PPC being poached by the Affiliate Channel.  By working more closely and learning more about Affiliates and how they work, you can prevent this theft and also help to grow your own PPC and SEO while improving your company’s bottom line across the board.  Here are three ways that Affiliates can help and hurt your SEO and three ways they can help and hurt your PPC.

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