All companies evolve over time. At least, they should. In the case of many B2Bs, what the customer or client is looking for now is very different than what they needed even just a few years ago. Businesses need to keep up with the times so they need to purchase products and services that keep up with the times as well.

Using the SEO industry as an example, 5 years ago it was accepted practice to submit a website to lots of broad directories to get a backlink. Today, broad (and free) directories are nearly dead. People don’t use them to search and the search engines largely ignore them. Many have even been de-indexed. This change in the industry meant that as an SEO marketing company, we changed our approach. The focus is now on creating relevant, fresh content on a regular basis that includes keywords and links and improving a social media presence.

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Riaan Aggenbag

Owner / Online Marketer / SEO at More Clicks
My passion is guiding companies to online success. My expertise are search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising & social media marketing. How can I help you? Let's talk.