This post is not about killing cute animals. In search a Panda and a Penguin are different types of Google updates or rather penalties. In case you own a website or two I will help you deal with those later on the post.

When I first started collecting material about SEO 2.0 and what it might be about I had no real idea on my mind yet. It was just a set of techniques I recognized as the new SEO vs the old one.

Over the years it became more and more clear that SEO 2.0 is about people.

Now isn’t that what Google told us all long you might ask? Didn’t they always preach to optimize for searchers not search engines? Yes, they did, but that’s not SEO 2.0 yet. That’s what Google wants from us, give Google all your great content for free to monetize etc. People out there do not want to read dozens of essay-like articles on SEO each day.

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