It appears the Google search spam team has a busy year planned. Matt Cutts recently attended SMX west and gave details on what updates they have planned for 2013. And guess what? There will be an update of both Google Panda and Penguin this year.

Surprised? Probably not. Google’s updating their algorithm all the time — some updates bigger than others, of course. What’s the result? An unnerving feeling that your SEO standard operating procedures aren’t totally up to date, because you’re not sure if you are totally up to date on all the algorithm changes.

So with the Google Panda update expected to happen this weekend — and if you have any ideas as to what it is, please leave it in the comments — we thought it was the perfect opportunity to give a recap on all things Panda. That way, you can ensure you’re caught up to date, and decrease the chances this pending algorithm update will hit you where it hurts. (In your SEO, that is.)

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