Social media use is a hard habit to shake. You try to stay away, but your fingers are itching for one quick click, just another good scroll to last you through the day.

Sometimes, you find yourself coming back for more without even realizing. It’s reflex, the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you remember at night.

Hourly Facebook checks were standard for Lucy Church, and Lent became a time to make the change. Like many others, Church sacrificed Facebook-use for the religious season. Lent is often the golden opportunity for people to break free of vices like junk food or alcohol, but going on a digital cleanse for 40 days is becoming a popular sacrifice.

Facebook served as a welcome distraction for Church, a Ph.D. student at Florida State University. A practicing Anglican, she’s observed Lent for the past three years to strengthen her relationship with God, she said. In the past she found it difficult to abstain from desserts andNetflix, but Church says this time around relinquishing social media use was a welcome challenge.

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