One of the most common distinctions we make is between men and women.  That got me thinking about the real difference between women and men and if it makes sense to adjust our marketing messages based on who’s buying.

Here are some interesting stats I pulled from a Freakonomics podcast that explored the differences between men and women:

Currently women make up about 57% of college students and yet women only have 7% of the patents than men.  If more women were to patent, it would add 3% to our GDP.  And I just heard that women are less likely to get struck by lightning.  80-85%of the lightening fatalities are men.  They think that it’s because men tend to be outside more than women and go outside.  Men are 4 times more likely to drown.  They spend more time in the water, they overestimate their swimming abilities.

Another interesting theory is that women are more uncomfortable with conflict and competition.  But to make a long story much shorter — global studies have shown that this really is a function of nurture and culture rather than nature.

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