There comes a point in every digital marketer’s life when she has to decide to kill an important project. It’s a difficult decision – but one that’s necessary for effective time and resource management. When you’re trying to strike a balance between perfecting your search efforts, your general web site usability, and conversion rate optimization, something will inevitably become a backburner project, never to be revisited except with a disappointed sigh over dinner.

The key to successfully identifying key priorities in digital marketing is to decide on a model. It’s tough to choose between an effective SEO program and good user experience that leads to effective branding and sales, especially when both areas need help. So it’s always good to step back and ask,

  1. What are my visitor acquisition models?
  2. What are my conversion points?
  3. How will I get visitors and customers to come back?

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Riaan Aggenbag

Owner / Online Marketer / SEO at More Clicks
My passion is guiding companies to online success. My expertise are search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising & social media marketing. How can I help you? Let's talk.