We SEOs have spent a lot of time lately talking about creating communitiesdeveloping content that people want, and building relationships. We talk about these concepts, but we falter in execution. Our outreach doesn’t reflect our grand strategies. If we truly care about building relationships and fulfilling people’s needs, we have to start letting go. We have to trust the bloggers that we’re working with. We need to take our Real Company Stuff (RCS) and let bloggers do Real People Stuff (RPS) with it. We recently took this leap of faith, and, in turn, took one of our campaign’s outreach response rates from 45% to 70% and had bloggers build us infographics and guides without us even asking them to.

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Riaan Aggenbag

Owner / Online Marketer / SEO at More Clicks
My passion is guiding companies to online success. My expertise are search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising & social media marketing. How can I help you? Let's talk.