Mr. D is all upset they’re sunsetting iGoogle and now I join his sadness after learning last night they’re going to do away with Reader on July 1.

Reader is the web-based program that allows you to subscribe to great blogs (like Spin Sucks!) without having them all come into your inbox.

It grew out of the Google acquisition of Blogger. In 2004, Jason Shellen, who was part of the acquisition, created Reader and launched it in 2005 under then Marissa Mayer’s consumer web-based services.

It started as a a Google Lab project, but quickly grew into its own service. In fact, it began to become something even bigger: A place to not just read, but to comment and share with friends and strangers.

But, of course, it makes sense Google wants to replace – or kill – anything that could compete with the whole world using Google+, so away it goes.

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