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What is SEO?

SEO is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine

Every day, millions will use search engines to find products or services. 90% of those people will click links on the first page of the search results. Is your site on that first page? Are your competitors?

That’s why we’re here: to get you to the first page so you can experience a flood of new – buying – visitors to your site. Our search engine optimization services are based on years of research and experience, and we continue to improve our techniques and tools to stay ahead of each and every change in the search engines. Our team of SEO experts will position your site where it can generate the kind of traffic that will convert to paying customers.

Our SEO Include:

24x7-365 Live Support

The Internet doesn’t close, so neither do we. We monitor and manage your Campaigns, round-the-clock. We never close.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

The foundation and starting point for any search based campaign, all packages include complete KeyWord research.

Google Analytics Tracking

We’ll integrated Google Analytics with your new or existing site, set it up & manage all your conversion goals.

Dedicated Account Rep.

As a customer you will have direct access to a Dedicated Account Representative, that knows all about your project.

How We Do SEO:

Keyword Research

Researching The Best Keywords For Your Business

Keyword research is where we begin. We discover what keywords your target audience is likely to use when looking for products and services like yours. This is a crucial first step in our comprehensive search engine marketing services. You get the highest ROI (return on investment) when you carefully target the right customers.

Competitor Analysis

You’re not the only company targeting your keywords. Others want to reach the same customers as you. We’ll see how they’re doing business and see what lessons we can learn from them for you. While the web is a competitive place, our search engine optimization team will carefully examine the marketplace to see how others are using your keywords, then we’ll go to work for you. We’ll create strategies custom-designed to help your site come out on top — and remain there, too.

Link Building

Building Links

Your sites needs links to it from other respected and useful sites, but building these backlinks is a complex and time consuming process if you don’t have professionals like ours helping you. We understand that establishing high-quality links relevant to your site and your business is one of the most important things you can do to increase your ranking and your traffic. Link building truly is the most power weapon on the search engine optimization arsenal.

Content & SEO Copywriting

Content Development and Copywriting

Website optimization services are also critically important to the success of your campaigns. Search engines scour the web looking for dynamic new content. That why it’s important to optimize your Web copy. Search engines are smart, and a string of keywords won’t do you any good, but professionally-written copy carefully aimed at your targeted keywords will move you up in search engine rankings. Clearly written, 100 percent unique content optimized for your message is key.

Online Public Relations

Press Releases and Online Public Relations

News travels fast on the Web. That’s why it’s important that your company generates newsworthy PR press materials frequently. Online PR takes much less money from your pocket that old-fashioned public relations. Press releases also add SEO content to your site and get you links into your site from around the media relations world. Our experts help you announce new innovations and create news when you have nothing new to report.

Local Search Optimization

Local Search Optimization

As important as customers around the globe are customers around town. Adding a simple location modifier to your keyword is a start, but we can take you farther. Contact information and directions, if needed, are important to local customers, and we help you make sure they’re on your site waiting for search engines to crawl. Local customers who are looking for products like yours are ready to buy, and you may already be right down the street.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO

Lots of consumers are ditching their laptops on favor of iPhones, smart phones and other smaller mobile devices. Mobile search engine optimization is crucial because mobile website usage is increasing. Mobile SEO strategies are very literally on the cutting-edge of technology, and our company knows how to handle this for you. You want customers to be able to find you on their phones as well as on their computers.

Global Search

Global Search

International customers are important to the success of many businesses, and you can make sure you reach them if you use the right techniques to build international search engine strategies. Global search engine marketing aimed at multilingual and international customers is another crucial piece of the SEO puzzle for your company.

Shopping Search

Shopping Search

We will help you target users who go online to compare products from different vendors, or search for an online store or product by category. By ranking well in these searches, your customers can find and buy your products with just a couple of clicks.

Video SEO

Video Search Optimization

It’s not just about text. Multimedia video files can be searched online, and video SEO services like the ones we provide are essential to making sure customers looking at video results find you, too. Reach a broader audience and ultimately gain more sales when you make sure your business is optimized for video SEO.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

You’ll want to keep a check on your progress to make sure your search marketing campaigns are working well, and we’ve got you covered. We provide reporting and offer recommendations and information about how your analytical data can benefit you. We see what keywords are getting you the most traffic and help you better capitalize on them.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Reporting

You’re the customer, and we’re fully accountable to you. We’ll show you how the efforts we undertake on your behalf directly benefit you. This type of transparency shows our commitment to honest, reputable service.