This is an open letter to the SEO community.

This post has been on my mind for quite some time but after visiting ThinkVisibility on Saturday I felt it was ready to be written today.  

Obviously as the owner of an infographic agency I have a vested interest in the debate, but hopefully my arguments will still hold up despite any bias I may have.

At ThinkVisibility I twice encountered what appears to be a growing sentiment amongst some in the SEO community: that infographics are just the latest fad in SEO linkbuilding and one that any PR/SEO worth his or her salt should avoid.

During a discussion following Pak Hou Cheung’s presentation about outreach (very good by the way – it will be covered in a future post), Dave Naylor expressed the opinion that infographics were in Google’s crosshairs and that SEOs should be worried, hinting that they may be hit hard in the next three months (his afternoonpresentation with Becky Naylor about how they build Bronco was awesome and well worth checking out).

The next presentation I attended was Kristal Ireland’s talk about ‘Social Media Strategy, Looking beyond the Bull Sh*t ’.

Infographics seemed to be regarded as something of a waste of time and not recommended as part of a ‘real’ social media campaign. Although I found it slightly ironic that much of the presentation itself made use of infographics, Kristal’s claims still beg the question: how has the infographic’s reputation sunk so low in the SEO community?

It is my belief that the growing sentiment against infographics is more about a lack of information from providers such as ourselves, rather than anything innately wrong with the format itself.

I’m hoping then that this post can dispel some of the most common criticisms levelled at infographics as marketing tools.

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