Let us pretend for a second that you are struggling with a decision about buying a particular car. And then two people step forward to offer you conflicting advice. One of them is the world’s best car salesperson and the second is your friend, who just happens to own the car in question. Whose opinion are you likely to consider? Nine times out of ten, you will choose your friend.

The above scenario reflects the incredible power of ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing. The truth is that we are far more likely to trust our close friends and family, than we are some stranger whom we have never met. That is because, unlike commercials and posters, we can trust our friends and family not to have a secret commercial agenda (unless, of course, they are trying to sell us their car). In the end, it does not matter how much a restaurant spends advertising its gourmet menu, if your friends tell you they have been to the restaurant and the food sucked, you are unlikely to ever go there.

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