Why would two people who run a social media marketing and analtyics form smile at that conclusion? Well…because we know better.

You see, it wasn’t all so long ago that I remember a large consumer poll being released that declared consumers didn’t use blogs. We could all close up shop and go home, no one reads blogs, no one is swayed by blogs and no one even really cares about blogs. Some within the marketing world went nuts, gloating over the results and claiming they’d been skeptical about blogs from the get go.

Then another company popped up with a counter study that showed the flaw in the original poll’s design. People often don’t tell us the truth in these scenarios. Sometimes it’s because they don’t know any better, sometimes it’s because they don’t want to believe the truth. In the case of the blog study, it turned out that people not only used blogs, they used them all the time. They simply had no idea they were using blogs.

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