Here’s why Social Media is Important

Social Media Marketing

If you’re wondering if social media marketing is right for your business, the verdict is in … social media is a great way to drive repeat business and to attract new customers. Whether you’re just getting started or a pro, we’re here to help.

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with well research, unique, engaging & audience-building posts & tweets about:

Your products, services & promotions

Famous quotes & interesting facts

Facts about your business & testimonials

Information from your website

Custom marketing images made for you

Industry hints, tips or trivia – for authority

Funny one-liners (comedy is an option)

Proverbs & inspirational quotes

Social Media Control Panel

Powerful Control Panel


Know everything

You get access to your own social media control panel with full post scheduling, link tracking & statistics.


Add, edit or change

Schedule your own posts to be released at set times and measure interaction by your customers.


Meaningful Stats

Your control panel makes it easy to measure the success of your social media campaigns and see how your customers engage with you.

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How Companies Benefit from Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing
  • Increased Exposure 92%
  • Increased Traffic 80%
  • Develop Customer Loyalty 72%
  • Provide Marketplace Insights 71%
  • Generate Leads 66%
  • Improve Search Rankings 61%
  • Grow Business Partnerships 58%

Setup is Quick & Easy

We work with you to create a company profile to fully understand your messaging, tone of voice and business goals.


We only post content that’s well research, engaging and specifically tailored to your customer base and the goals of your business.

We set everything up and start tweeting / posting 7 days ahead in your control panel. You can edit everything & post your own if you want.

You can log into our online dashboard any time to review content, see what’s due, review statistics and see how your social media is performing.

Facebook & Twitter Social Media Marketing Service

How Social Media Marketing Works


We all know what social media is – those sites that bring together people from all walks of life for different social actions and interaction. These are the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

So, what is social media marketing? It is the form of internet marketing that uses the various social networks available for marketing, communication and branding of goals. All this simply means that social media marketing is getting internet traffic and gaining attention through the social media sites.

1. How Social Media Marketing Works

The basic goals are to reach more people, drive them to your business site and products, and increase your customer/client base. Billions of people around the planet use these social networking sites on an hourly basis. That is a lot of potential. In fact, businesses nowadays do not view social media marketing as a luxury but a necessity.

The number of business owners surveyed on global marketing platforms who say that social media is critical to their businesses stands at 92% as of 2014. This is a sharp increase from 86% in 2013. A survey by Social media Examiners reported that 89% of marketers put exposure as the main benefit of this form of internet marketing. In the near future, social media marketing will be the make-or-break factor for most businesses and organisations.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

2. The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing mainly entails sharing of videos, images and content for marketing purposes. With the astounding numbers of people on social media sites, information spreads rapidly and if it’s really good, goes viral. Your reputation literally rockets from an unknown individual or brand to a global hit.

But social media is a two-edged sword. You can make a colossal reputation for all the wrong reasons and thus damage your brand. Recovering from this is an uphill battle. In addition, if you go about marketing in the wrong way, you won’t gain much exposure. As such, if you’re going to have your social media marketing done, you’d best have it done right.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

3. The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Of course, its major benefit is the exposure it gives you. When done expertly, it generates and increases your internet traffic, which then translates to conversions and brand awareness. You can build the identity of a brand or product and watch it grow and increase its positive association.

Getting good interaction and reviews on social media leads to you winning the loyalty of fans and customers. This has remarkable effects. First, they recommend you to their followers, friends and colleagues. This is an unspoken endorsement. It builds your customer base. It enhances your reputation and ascertains your reliability. In addition, you’ll be able to easily communicate with clients, take their ideas on improvement and address their issues.

You’ll be in a position to assess market trends and know what works, and what doesn’t. This means you gain marketplace insight. This results in improved sales and generated leads. Moreover, it grows business partnerships.

Another neat benefit is cost effectiveness. It costs you so little yet it reaches a very vast market. All in a shorter period of time than it would take using any other means of marketing.

Using various Social Media for Marketing

4. Using various Social Media for Marketing

Facebook has a record 1.26 billion users. 95% of them log into their accounts every day. It offers a friendly environment for marketing, which usually begins by creating a Facebook Fan Page. Our professional social media marketers will assist you in setting the layout, which is an integral component in driving traffic to your page. Next, we’ll utilise various components from images, videos and articles to increase you fan base and viewership. Facebook being a place to relax and chat casually, we’ll keep a light and friendly tone to engage your audience.

LinkedIn is one of those professional business minded social media sites. It’s an excellent avenue for entering into professional dialogue and engagement with like-minded business and industry players. Winning your clients and customers approval easily gets you their recommendations on your LinkedIn profile. This boosts your image and credibility which has the ripple effect of getting you more customers. When done right, it builds you something very important and valuable in marketing-trust.

Twitter is one of the fastest means through which to broadcast something, anything, on the web. Our social media marketers will assist you get a large and steady followership, which will be crucial for your updates and news. Our experts in social media marketing know their way around making your brand reputable on Twitter: everything from mixing official tweets and news updates with fun and quirky tweets to keep your followers interested in you and grow your fan base.

Using social media correctly is important for your marketing. For instance, answering customer queries and addressing their concerns. It’s an inexpensive process that builds your rapport. In fact, most of them just want to be heard. In addition, encouraging people to share your information, offers, and updates on this site is a plus. Professional social media marketers will enable you to carry out your social media marketing excellently, leaving you to reap the benefits of doing so.