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Apple Developer Center Was Hacked; Site Remains Down While Company Overhauls Security

Apple’s developer site was accessed by “an intruder” last Thursday, the company has disclosed, and Apple has not ruled out the possibility that developers’…
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Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Others Call for More NSA Transparency

Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft are part of a broad alliance of technology companies and civil liberties groups that will tomorrow demand dramatically increased…
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The Apple-Google Tensions Have Finally Eased — Kind of

Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, recently told reporters that the long-standing rivalry between the search giant and Apple was finally being put to rest — but it's probably…
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Google, Apple and Facebook Outright Deny They’re Helping the NSA Mine Data

A seemingly incompatible perspective on the reports from the Washington Post and the Guardian today that the U.S. National Security Agency has for six years been operating…
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Google More Popular Than Apple, Facebook

The Washington Post and ABC News conducted a poll for the second consecutive year to find out which of three tech giants — Google, Apple, and…
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Look out Siri! Google Now aims to take a bite out of Apple

Watch out, Siri. Apple's iPhones and iPads are getting a new talking assistant -- and it's not you! Google this morning launched a…
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