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Bing & Yahoo Advertisers Integrated in Windows 8.1 Smart Search

Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 Preview at the start of the month, and with that comes "Smart Search": the ability to search for something across the…
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Bing Gets Social With Bing Boards

have enjoyed the Bing VS Google battle for a while now. I have even tried the "Bing It On" challange. For me Google…
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Google, Bing Both Win More Search Market Share

Another month and another newrelease of comScore search engine rankings for the U.S. for May 2013. Google and Bing are both up, while the…
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Bing Adds Direct Facebook Interaction to Social Sidebar

Bing has again expanded features for its Social Sidebar. Bing announced the ability to comment on Facebook directly from the Bing Social Sidebar. This means you…
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Bing Adds Pinterest Button to Image Search

Pinterest isn’t exactly a household name. . . yet. . . but the photo bookmarking site is slowly creeping in to our consciousness…
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Surprise! Bing is five times better than Google at finding malware

While most people use Google, everyone knows that Microsoft has been trying very hard to make inroads with Bing. The little search engine does…
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Who Has It Right On Enhanced Campaigns: Google Or Bing?

In early February, Google introduced Enhanced Campaigns, which it described as an “evolution” of AdWords. While embraced by some advertisers, others do not like…
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