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Flipboard gets blocked in China, but its local service remains unaffected

China’s notorious Great Firewall Internet censorship system looks to have snared another western service, after users of Flipboard reported that the international version…
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Censorship or surveillance: which keywords are flagged in China?

What do censorship and surveillance programmes look for? What can this tell us about internet usage in China? Can we contrast with the perceived…
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Chinese Social Network Sina Weibo Allows Non-China Users To Login With Facebook

Facebook may still be blocked in China, but that hasn’t stopped that country’s leading social network, Sina Weibo, from tapping login with Facebook to make it easier…
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Social Media Censorship Offers Clues to China’s Plans

In February last year, political scandal rocked China when the fast-rising politician Bo Xilai suddenly demoted his top lieutenant, who then accused his…
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Social Media Plays Crucial Role in Chinese Earthquake

This past weekend, many people were affected by an earthquake that took place in China’s Sichuan province. Saturday’s earthquake left at least 180 people dead,…
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