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Cookies Leave a Bad Taste in Users’ Mouths

Once a mainstay of online advertising, third-party tracking through cookies is under a full-blown attack. Firefox now blocks third-party cookies by default; Microsoft is…
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Cookies: Useful or a Privacy Risk?

Cookies are small bits of information stored on your Web browser that allow websites to keep a record of your activity while you…
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Beware the Outplacement Cookie Cutters!

Outplacement is a service intended to provide support for people who have lost their corporate jobs. Since the former employer pays for such…
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Firefox – Don’t Eat Everyone’s Affiliate Cookies

Firefox announced earlier in the year that they would start blocking cookies from third-party ad networks by default. That means network affiliate cookies…
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Will There Ever Be Cookie-Less Tracking?

With the recent news that the next release of Mozilla’s Firefox browser will come with third-party cookies blocked as standard, there has been…
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