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Marketers React to Facebook Home With Mixed Doubts and Expectations

What Facebook wants and needs more than anything is time. And in today's world, there is nothing more influential or time-sucking than the…
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Facebook Home May be Geared Towards new Users in Developed Countries

Facebook Home may be focused more on new users overseas. That is because in the U.S., smart phone users are already bombarded with…
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Greatest Concern About Facebook Home? You Guessed It, Privacy

If there is one thing that we have been conditioned to do over the years whenever Facebook so much as hiccups is to…
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While “Facebook Home” Keeps Google, Search Is Harder To Reach

Pick your survey, and one of the top activities on a smartphone is to use Facebook. That’s what the new Facebook Home is…
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Is This The Future Of How We Use Facebook?

On Thursday, after weeks of building up to it (and years of Facebook phone rumors), Facebook unveiled the closest thing to a “Facebook…
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