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Get a Grasp Of AdWord Scripts – A Quick Explanation and Example

Scripts are something that many account managers ask about but can’t find enough information on. This video will give you a quick overview…
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Google AdWords Keyword Planner Replaces the Free Keyword Tool

Unfortunately, when a company offers something for free you cannot complain if they decide to discontinue the service. With Google, you never know.…
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Google Adwords Optimization Boosts Adsense Earnings

“Google Adwords Optimization Boosts Adsense Earnings.” Google’spay per click advertising (Adwords) Can indeed  Boost Your Adsense Earnings! A bit of a bold statement you…
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The Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords

I often get asked, “How much will this keyword cost in AdWords?” or “What are the most expensive keywords in Google Adwords?” There’s…
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The PPC alternatives to Google AdWords

It's strange that for a form of advertising which is arguably the most powerful which has ever existed, one service dominates online "pay…
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Say Goodbye to AdWords Average Position, Hello to Top of Page Rate

Average position is one of the easiest metrics in AdWords to understand. That simplicity of concept lures campaign managers and clients into misunderstanding…
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