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Privacy Setting For New Facebook Users Aged 13-17 Now Defaults To ‘Friends’

Facebook is changing the initial default privacy setting for users aged 13 through 17 to friends, from friends of friends, but those teen users will still have…
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Faster Overall Internet Speeds and More in State of the Internet Report

This report from Akamai, admittedly an ad for the company wrapped in an interesting title and some researc, covers some serious ground that…
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The ‘Father of the Internet’ Remembers Douglas Engelbart

Douglas Engelbart, the inventor of the computer mouse who died on Wednesday at the age of 88, had tremendous influence over many of the computing…
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Young Adults Say Goodbye, Radio; Hello, Internet

As overall Internet usage continues to grow, it’s continuing to eclipse other forms of media—and for young adults, the internet has emerged as the…
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How green is the Internet?

More than ever, people are using the Internet to shop, read, listen to music and learn. And businesses rely on Internet-based tools to…
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Copyright Law on the Internet Is a Total Train Wreck Right Now

I'm going to tell you a little story, but before I do, a warning: It ain't pretty. It's a perfectly fine Thursday afternoon.…
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The Internet Wants YOU to Contribute!

Yes, there are a lot of dark alleys and corners full of stupid. But there are also a lot of amazing, mostly-accurate pockets…
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A Day In The Life Of The Internet

There are close to two and-a-half billion people online around the world – this number has grown a heady 566 percent since the year 2000…
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The Internet generation teaches the next generation

For the first time in the history of education, young teachers entering the field are people who have grown up with the Internet…
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