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The Future of Links

Dr Pete of Moz has taken the stage and talking about the Future of Ranking.  We’re not talking bout rankings of the future.  It’s about…
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Links, Likes and Le Retweets

Shortcuts.  Such a negative term, isn’t it?  Perhaps we should call it “seeking efficiencies”?  But you, it won’t matter what you call it,…
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Contemplating Keywords as Anchor Text? Why “Here” Is Sometimes Your Best Choice

SEO professionals are constantly publishing articles explaining how to choose the best anchor text for a backlink or inbound link. If you’ve done…
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Spring Cleaning Links: Assessment and Link Removal for Every Season

When Penguin hit, a lot of site owners really started digging into what types of links they had and what kind they were…
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Are You Investing in Future Links?

We SEOs are obsessed with numbers, fact. And, we often take it to the extreme. Often our decisions are based solely on data…
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