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Mark Zuckerberg Discusses Immigration Issues At ‘Documented’ Screening

Facebook CEO and Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg has been an avid immigration advocate, helping launch the political organization FWD.us. On Monday, Zuckerbergspoke at the screening for…
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Mark Zuckerberg Secretly Filmed For Documentary ‘Terms And Conditions May Apply’

Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberghas a cameo role in Terms and Conditions May Apply, a documentary about Internet security and privacy, but Zuckerberg didn’t even…
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Zuckerberg Replies To His Facebook Commenters’ Questions On Immigration

“If it’s just about tech wanting to hire more people, not as impressive” commented one of Mark Zuckerberg’s 18 million Facebook followers. “It’s…
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Mark Zuckerberg Continues To Deny Involvement In Prism; Facebook, Google Ask Attorney General To Allow Them To Disclose Number Of Secret Data Requests

Facebook continued to take steps to deny any involvement in the National Security Agency’s Prism initiative, in which the government agency allegedly obtained direct…
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Mark Zuckerberg pleads for patience at inaugural Facebook shareholders meeting

Those who own a part of Facebook gathered Tuesday at the company’s shareholders meeting to ask about the future of the company, the…
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Mark Zuckerberg: ‘We Hadn’t Even Heard Of Prism’

Facebook CEO and Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg responded Friday to claims that the site had granted the U.S. government access to its servers. He called the reports “outrageous,”…
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Zuckerberg Leads Push to Form New Super PAC

Some Silicon Valley leaders, led by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, are looking to form their own SuperPAC to tackle a variety of issues…
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