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Earned media = 80% of your reach

According to a social@Ogilvy study, 80% of a brand’s reach now comes through “amplification through advocacy.” When Forrester said that paid media is now used…
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ESPN May Well Be the Smartest Media Brand on the Internet

Yesterday I wrote about INBOUND keynote speaker Nate Silver’s decision to move his FiveThirtyEight blog from The New York Timesto ESPN/ABC, and said the move reflected the…
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Unruly, Solve Media products to push ads into new territory

Magna Global has released their latest forecast, predicting in part that the global ad-spend will see a slight decline through the end of…
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How Video Strategies Are Affected By Old Media vs. New Media

Old media has been chugging along for a long while now, and we all know it's not really going anywhere.  But new media…
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Speed Pitching: A new kind of romance for PR and media?

Two 90-minute events. With 18 paying participants. Trying to start a relationship with a five-minute pitch. Welcome to Speed Pitching. It’s like speed…
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Multi-Platform Media Usage is Not a Zero Sum Game

There are some things in life that you don't have to be good at to enjoy. I am a below average golfer, but…
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Is newsjacking the ultimate use of media for companies?

Ahh – the smell of business rebellion in the morning. There’s a new kid in town and I fancy her and her wicked…
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Traditional Media Still Reaches Early Adopter Millennials

52% of Millennials are above-average in terms of their adoption of technology, and these early adopters are heavily reliant on their mobile devices…
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State Of The News Media: Everything In Decline But Digital

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism’s has served up its annual and comprehensive “State of the News Media” report. It…
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