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Social Media Sites, Search Engines Ranked by Visitor Satisfaction

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) has released its annual look at the “e-business” sector, which consists of ratings for social media sites, portals and…
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RDF Search Engine Glimmer Released by Yahoo

Today Peter Mika of Yahoo! announced the open source code release and public demo of Glimmer, a search engine for RDF Data. As Mika describes the search engine…
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Samuru: A Search Engine Designed By An SEO

Brandon Wirtz, an SEO who started his own search engine named Samuru, aims at making a search engine that is spam free. Doesn't every…
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Search Engine Marketing: Just Do It! …or Not?

There’s no question that your online presence has become an important part of your business or organization. Between your own website, social media…
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Top 2 Seo Mistakes To Avoid For Better Ranking In Search Engine

Recently the blogging community is facing extreme levels of competition and also it is most important to stand out from the crowd.You need…
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