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New Spam Technique Overwhelms Google

In 2009 I wrote about “Percolation Theory and the Web”, in which I noted that “Percolation Theoryholds that in every system there must be…
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Do I Create Spam?

I spent a few minutes this morning playing with the analyzer at I Write Like. This is a tool where you paste in a…
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Instagram Suffers Weird, Fruit-Based Flood of Spam

Strange things are afoot on Instagram. The service seems to be suffering from a spam attack, spreading in the form of — get…
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Matt Cutts: Link Spammers and Black Hat Less Likely To Show Up After Summer

Google’s Search Spam Head, Matt Cutts, in his new video has given us a basic idea on what to expect in the coming…
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The Legacy of Spam

How do we, as search marketing professionals, defeat the legacy of spam? The industry's reputation affects all of us, and the question demands…
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Is Google turning up the heat on Link Spam?

Unfortunately I was unable to attend #linklove this year but the Distilled conference’s are some of my preferred simply down to the quality of the…
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Google’s Philosophy On Manually Removing Spam

Google's Matt Cutts, the head of search spam at Google, posted a video named Does Google use a set standard for manually removing webspam?…
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Interflora – When Spammy SEO Goes Bad

The story of the Interflora penalty is not one of link building gone wrong, nor is it one of a sudden and unexpected…
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Make Love, Not Spam – A SlideShare from Hubspot

As someone with five years worth of email marketing experience, I spend a lot of time ranting and raving about spam. Spam my…
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