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33% of tweets about ABC’s ‘Super Fun Night’ are about the show’s ads

Is it possible to judge the success of a TV commercial by the volume of tweets the ad receives? The answer might be…
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Is Freedom of Tweet a Right or a Wrong?

Twitter and Facebook are under fire for the role each platform plays in unknowingly tolerating flagrant hate-fueled, public-facing obscenity and outright threats.  Twitter…
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Tweets Containing Vine Uploads Seeing “Surprising” Engagement Rates

Marketers on Twitter are warming to Vine, and it appears that consumers are too. TechCrunchrecently pointed out that Vine climbed past Instagram on the Google…
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Tweets Worth $20.37 on Average

While companies plough resources into expansive social media bureaus, SumAll has found that, at least for etailers, tweets don't contribute much to the bottom line.…
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‘Relevant and Personalized Tweets’ Now a Part of Yahoo Newsfeed

Yahoo announced last week a partnership with Twitter to integrate tweets directly into its newsfeed. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer calls it #bestoftheweb, and says it will…
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Good Tweet vs Bad Tweet: Is Twitter Worth the Risks?

According to a recent SEC ruling, telling the truth is no longer illegal. Yes, you read that correctly. After Reed Hastings, CEO of…
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