The SEO industry, unfortunately, has a relatively negative reputation. Ass-hat SEOs, an awesome term coined by Kristine Schachinger on Search Engine Watch, refers to those SEO providers that aren’t SEOs at all, but they make money using our techniques while making the rest of us look bad. White hat SEO providers follow the guidelines of the search engines and black hat SEOs typically look for the loopholes (not necessarily making them evil, but its a riskier approach in my opinion). Both approaches have camps of devoted practitioners that swear by their tactics and both approaches can be incredibly successful when managed by someone who knows what they are doing. (For the record I’m in the white hat camp but that’s me). But ass-hat SEOs are those that use tactics against the search engines terms of services that are known to create penalties and do not inform your client. If you are not good at black hat, but endanger your clients even when they know the risks, you’re an asshat!

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