A sick day at home means I’m pretty incapable of getting off the couch.  I’ve got my TV and Xbox remotes within striking distance, and my phone and iPad sitting next to my chicken noodle soup.  As I’m channel surfing I come across a show called The Talk that makes me feel even more nauseated but I’m intrigued because they’re giving away Marie Callender’s pies for Pi Day.  That’s clever, I think, it makes sense that Marie Callender’s is all over Pi Day for marketing.  Bored, I shut off the TV and see what’s happening on Twitter.  More pi. And somehow the content marketing pi seems way worse than the traditional pi(e) advertising on TV.  As I scroll through the Tweets, I can visualize the content calendars and a bunch of marketers sitting there thinking, “Hmm, what’s in between the Super Bowl and St. Patrick’s Day? Let’s look at a list of ridiculous holidays more offensive than the “Hallmark” Holidays, ok, perfect 3-14 is Pi Day!”

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