This post is going to talk about the future of social media, and it’s going to boil it down to six words.

Let me explain.

You might recall that back in January, Twitter announced the launch of its new, integrated mobile video app called Vine. This GIF-like app enables mobile users to capture and share short videos of six seconds or fewer, which goes along nicely with the brevity of a Tweet. These short videos play on a loop, just like an animated GIF does, and actually include audio capabilities (though a muted video is the default setting).

What’s that you say? A brand new app that integrates perfectly with a social network we already love and use regularly? Well, of course we had to play around and see what this app is made of! That’s when we decided to take our standard Twitter chat (#InboundChat) to the next level. We asked participants of the chat to ask questions via the#InboundChat hashtag and our CMO, Mike Volpe, would respond in 6 seconds or less. It was an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA)-style chat, if you will. A class of undergraduate students even joined the chat, where they actually asked the questions via Vine video in addition to receiving Vine responses. Talk about a whole new type of “face-to-face” conversation.

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