Not that many people were very concerned with link juice or the velocity at which new links are built five years ago, but today Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a priority for CEOs and marketing teams on every continent.

For some SEO is a way of life and they live by the updates. These experts have an intimate understanding of the algorithms that dictate the search ranking pages and are prone to fluctuate. They know that SEO is far from a list of set rules, but rather something that grows and changes to reflect the patterns and habits of the users.

However, for many, SEO is a nebulous chore – and often one that is full of surprises. Strategies can quickly go from silver bullet to illegitimate and clean up efforts are often tedious and confusing. Most webmasters have tons of questions about SEO.

One of the most basic but popular, at least in my own experience, has been: what is optimum link velocity?

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Riaan Aggenbag

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