Next time you are in your Google Analytics account take a look at how many keywords are driving organic traffic to your site. Depending on how large your site is there could be hundreds, maybe even thousands, of keywords driving traffic to your site in any given month. For instance, one of my B2B SEO clients that exists in the IT space has 1,946 keywords driving organic traffic. A quick look at the list showed that “(not provided)” was the number one keyword with 3,036 visitors (roughly 60% of their total organic traffic, yikes!) but, of the top 100 keywords only 2 were branded (and they weren’t the two biggest sources of traffic), which tells me that my client relies heavily on SEO to generate new business. By the time we hit the 50th most popular keyword the number of visitors had dwindled down to 5 or fewer visitors per keyword. That means that there are 1,896 keywords that each drove 5 visitors or fewer to my client’s site.

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