In the land of the Internet, social empires grow and fall all the time. Myspace, which reigned supreme just a few short years ago, faced a dramatic mass exodus to Facebook. Today many people are even used to maintaining a presence on several social sites, not just one. So there’s certainly room for another new social site, like it or not — but is that new social network Zurker?

Zurker is a relative newcomer to the social scene, which was launched into private testing just over a year ago in December 2011 by Internet entrepreneur Nick Oba. According to its founder, Zurker is “fundamentally better” than other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or your social flavor of choice, because it is owned by its members. That is, upon signing up, you are allowed to collect vShares, or virtual shares, which give you a small stake in Zurker — a one-millionth stake, that is. You can earn shares by referring your friends to the service (you get double the reward in your first 24 hours as a member) or by purchasing them for $1 each.

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