According to a recent article in the Drum, the then Executive Chairman of Google admitted that Google+ improves rankings in the search engine’s organic search results. Accordingly, the online profiles which have been verified can be linked to information. The mentioned information will then be ranked higher than information not linked to such verified profiles. This evidently means that the pages where the content linked to the verified profiles will be pushed higher in the search results.

If you thus write articles without linking content to your verified profile you may at the end of the day, completely miss the point. Anonymous articles or articles written by staff writers will consequently be pushed lower. So, if you are serious about getting your information in front of the readers you will have to play Google’s game and set-up a Google+ account, get the profile verified and then ensure optimal linking between content generated and the profile. If you are not the writer then you will have to make sure that you use a writer with a verified profile for the job.

Excerpts from the book ‘The New Digital Age’ written by Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google, show the above statements to be true. Google+ will therefore improve rankings as Google itself gives priority to the material that meets their criteria.

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