This weekend, my family rented the latest game in the venerableTomb Raider franchise. My husband and I can still remember playing the original Tomb Raider back in 1996, when we were a military family living in Japan.

The cost of living in Japan on an enlisted salary meant gaming was always a social event. The squadron’s gamers pooled our resources, and rotated who bought each new must-have game as they came out. But most nights, a dozen or so Airmen and their spouses would be crowded around a television in our friends’ tower apartment, watching Lara Croft’s pixelated derriere leap from one outlandish cliffhanger or puzzle to the next.

It was disarming (and somewhat charming) to hear men who knew how to assemble and fire an AK47, screaming like twelve-year old girls when a T-Rex unexpectedly showed up and took a bite out of our intrepid adventurer.

It’s hard to believe that my kid, who was an infant during those gaming sessions years ago, is now old enough to play the latest addition to the Tomb Raider franchise. So in honor of my longstanding relationship with Lara Croft, I thought I’d offer up a few content strategy lessons pulled from everybody’s favorite fictional British archaeologist in hot pants.

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