How do you measure failure and success in online marketing? I have said for years that it comes down to conversions (but I’m being simplistic here). We do now have more people talking aboutConversion Rate Optimization but is there a story for success in that body of theory or is there more to it?

Traditionally Website Conversion Theory says there are only three types of conversions:Informational ConversionsTransformational Conversions, and Transactional Conversions. However, I have come to realize that there is at least one other type of conversion: the Ideological Conversion.

Ideological Conversions go hand-in-hand with Viral Propaganda Theory but the Web doesn’t stratify itself into ideological and non-idealogical sites or content. Virtually every successful Website tells a story and that story has an ideological core.

There are two ideological poles: the Altruistic Pole and the Selfish Pole. An ideology tends to favor one pole over the other, although the favoritism may be very subtle.

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